Embark on a path to achieve your goals.

Stride is here for our clients whether they are working towards employment, college success, paying bills, managing mental health, or asking that special someone out on a date. Transitioning to adulthood can be an exciting and challenging time. Many young adults feel discouraged and report difficulty with tackling their goals and responsibilities.

We help young adults with unique challenges achieve their dreams.

Stride Embark is not a “program”.  We are in a league of our own (if we can be so bold to say so!). We work closely with young adult programs, wilderness therapy providers, and inpatient treatment centers; however, we know that young adults need to transition and find success in their own desired community. This is where we come in: we provide the “missing link” to help clients through transitions and build the skills necessary to achieve their goals. No story, experience, or goal is the same. We work with our clients as individuals, creating a fresh plan and wrap around support so they feel empowered in their path to success and long-term independence.

Our clients experience:

Depression · Chronic Pain · Anxiety · Impulsive Behavior · Psychosis · Self-Esteem Issues · Bipolar · “Failure to Launch” · Borderline Personality Disorder · Entitlement · Mood Imbalance · Academic Underachievement · Autism Spectrum Disorder · Family Dysfunction · Chemical Dependency · …and more!

Reach out so we can schedule a free phone or in person consultation to discuss your next steps towards success.

We will work with you, your family, friends, and any other supporters to develop a comprehensive assessment of your life.

Introduce us to your world. We want to see your spaces; home, work, community, school... we partner to evaluate & understand your systems and connection to the world.

We act swiftly to build your team (Mental health providers, medical staff, and more) so you can find stability and support while exploring your goals.

You share your dreams and aspirations and we develop a goal oriented game plan to achieve them.

We help you reach your goals through focused engagement, conscientious innerwork, conduct/action changes, and building resiliency.

You decide what happens next! Many of our clients latch on to those exciting feelings of success and find they are ready to take on new challenges!

We look forward to meeting you!

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