Complex medical needs… simplified.

We partner closely with each client and their support network to foster increased independence, quality of life, and long term success.  Our clients deserve to live life to the fullest, and we strive to enhance their care, satisfaction, and personal goals. Treatment for Brain Injury is complex and requires a multifaceted approach.  Unfortunately, holistic care coordination in the field is limited. Brain Injury is often accompanied by co-occurring conditions which can complicate treatment and introduce a wide net of providers and caregivers.  It can be difficult to coordinate all efforts among providers while attending to the “big picture” and long-term quality of life. A single symptom can become the main focus for months at a time. Stride steps in to help remove barriers to treatment, keep recovery on track, and increase coordination of care across the continuum of needs.

Specialized care that you deserve.

Stride offers a boutique service; we take time to get to know you and your loved one.  We employ quality and creative care practices as well as comprehensive assessments to create a top notch care plan.  Stride partners closely with client’s family, medical providers, and community supports to ensure all physical, emotional, financial, and social aspects of their lives are fully addressed.

Our clients experience:

Traumatic Brain Injury · Developmental Disabilities · Autism Spectrum Disorder · Depression · Anxiety · Psychosis · Bipolar · Mood dysregulation · Chemical Dependency · Other healthelated challenges · Chronic Pain · …and more!

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We will work with you, your family, friends, and any other supporters to develop a comprehensive assessment of your life.

Introduce us to your world. We want to see your spaces; home, work, community, school... we partner to evaluate and understand your systems and connection to the world.

We act swiftly to build your team (Mental health providers, Medical Specialists, Care Staff, household staff, and more) so you can find stability and support while exploring your goals.

We coordinate with your medical care team to develop a goal oriented game plan to improve your health and wellness.

We manage your care by following a detailed care plan and consistently evaluating your care needs, quality of life, and goals. Our team is organized, thorough, and deeply committed to your health.

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